शिवचरित्रमाला भाग ६७

Shiva Charitrama Episode 67


A leap of daring imagination


Maharaj was very methodically and meticulously ill last month and a quarter. This play of illness was brought by him and even more than him by his close Mawli Saungdas. There was no need for doctors, hakims and medicines! Whenever permission was sought from Aurangzeb through Fuladkhana and Marathi lawyers to convey it to Maharaj, it was always granted. Aurangzeb’s focus was only on the construction of Fidai Hussain’s mansion. The construction was being completed.


During this period Mirzaraja, who was in Beed-Dharur-Fatahabad in the south, was very anxious. Because the constructive politics behind sending Maharaja to Agra was thwarted by Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb’s politics and heart were not at best selfish. He and his Mughal Sultanate suffered the consequences. Aurangzeb also ended at the hands of the Marathas and his Mughal Sultanate also ended.

* Actually, politics is a practice of yoga. But we see Shakunimama, Duryodhana, Dhanananda, Jayachand and many other crazy short-sighted beings born. Even today we see that they only notice their ‘nuisance value’ while watching. And understandably, that is the business of some people.*

* It is very important to be able to recognize enemies and friends in politics. If the sweet-talking enemy is not recognized, destruction is certain.

*And if one cannot recognize a friend or follower who speaks the truth without conflict, destruction is certain*

*Doing wrong politics out of false ego without following the good advice given by Jeevalags means the destruction of everything and then they also end up like Aurangzeb.*


Friday The afternoon of 17th August was a raging storm in Aurangzeb’s head. He was very quiet from above.


What was going on in the Maharaja’s head and in the hearts of his followers at this time? The whole plot was to be foiled without being seen or suspected. How cleanly would those Marathi saungdas have performed their role on this stage? Do we need to think about this in our social and political games today or not? Ah, even after rehearsing, we can’t even act in it.


Let it be! Even on the last day, the fireworks of sweets came without fail. It was evening, dark. All this incident, all these moments can be understood only by reflection. The moment Maharaj entered the petara, and that petara was closed, that moment was so anxious. What would have happened if one of the Mowgli guards on the canopy had noticed the incident at that time? Heroji Farzand, who quickly slept on the bed in place of Maharaj with a shawl on his body, behaved so cleanly. Look! What if he was wrong? What if the fire-carriers had messed up in disguise or behaved like fools? All these questions come before the scholars. They also have to find the answers.


This time was around seven o’clock in the evening. It is noticeable. What a responsibility the companions carrying the torches had! How much care have these Petarewalas taken to ensure that the guards and Fuladkhan do not have the slightest suspicion that we are doing something special today? Can we show this by acting in plays and movies? The moment the firecrackers went out of the canopy and the camp area, the Mawlas had no time to express their joy. The firecrackers escaped.


Darkness deepened. It was Maharaj’s respective petaras who were running towards the potter who was lighting the kiln. The respective mawlas were coming with horses in this direction. What would the potter have felt the moment Maharaj reached the burning furnace? How would all these movements, the haste to spread and the expressions on everyone’s faces be seen in the incomplete light of that net? Just imagine. History stops here. Because no one has yet found the details written down. Artists have to say this with their studies and talent. Painters want to paint, poets and singers want to sing. Actors have to perform on stage. Sculptors have to sculpt. What a wonderful history! One doubt sneaks into our minds, that how come none of these mawla has been fitur? Would he have got a jagir or would he have received immense wealth from Aurangzeb to do away with,

* Nothing happened. Because of national character. Everyone in this case was a ‘hero’ right down to the potter.*

There was no villain.


Netaji Subhash Chand Bose escaped the hands of the British. He left India for India’s independence. They crossed the Hindu Kush mountains.

Tatya Rao crossed the sea and reached the shores of France. Will it be the escape from Agra before their eyes? And when the power of Hyderabad spread out from our attack, would Fulad Khan’s blindness be before our eyes?

… respectively.

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