शिवचरित्रमाला भाग ५८

Shivacharitramala part 58


A vision of two ambitions


आपल्या नऊ वर्षाच्या युवराज संभाजीराजांना बरोबर घेऊन दि. ५ मार्च १६६६ या दिवशी शिवाजीराजांनी राजगडावरून आग्ऱ्यास जाण्यासाठी गडाबाहेर पाऊल टाकले. त्यांचेबरोबर फक्त तीनशे सैनिक होते. मिर्झाराजांनी आपला एक खास प्रतिनिधी महाराजांबरोबर दिला. त्याचे नाव तेजसिंह कछवा. औरंगजेबाचाही एक खास प्रतिनिधी महाराजांबरोबर देण्यात आलेला होता. त्याचे नाव गाझीबेग तवझुक. महाराजांच्या वाटखर्चासाठी औरंगजेबाने एक लाख रुपये मंजूर केले होते.


Maharaj was very careful about the prestige of his Marathi Swarajya. An incident took place in Aurangabad. Look at that. Maharaj reached Aurangabad. It was customary for the royal nobleman, Subhashikan Khan, to meet the Maharaja at the city gates. But this khan sent his nephew without going to the reception of the maharaja himself. The idea in Khan’s mind is that this Siva is a landlord of ordinary quality. Why should a senior Mughal subhedara like me go to his reception?


Sabshikankhana sent a message to the Maharaja saying, ‘Come to my living room and meet me.


Maharaj got angry. They did not visit Khan. They came straight out of Aurangabad. The Maharaja did not even pay a penny to the subconscious. She sat down to eat. He was scared. Because what if the emperor found out about your behavior? You will know. Then you will not have to worry. The politics of the emperors will be hampered by your rude behavior. The emperor will be angry. So he got scared. He came out of the Delhi gates anxiously to pay his respects to the Maharaja. He apologized for the mistake. He pleaded with the Maharaja to stay with him. Maharaj also decided to go to his mansion only for a visit without much stress. No stay. What if the Maharajah had adopted a stricter policy? This would have happened at the beginning of the Agra tour. It would have been interrupted. There would have been a lot of damage to the sub-school. Deciding that such a slap was enough, Maharaj went to visit Khan only the next day. Case deleted. But from that, Maharaj’s darshan also happened. Gazibeg Tavzuk and Tej Singh Kachwa also misunderstood what was meant. They became more attentive.


The entire journey of the Maharaja to Agra was through Mulukha under Mughal rule. In the last five hundred years (12th and 17th centuries), the country has never become independent. There has never been a revolt for freedom. She had become accustomed to slavery.


Aurangzeb had come to Agra from Delhi before Maharaj left Rajgad. Because his father Shah Jahan died in the fort of Agra on. Died on 22nd January 1666. It was Aurangzeb who carefully imprisoned his father. He had been in prison for eight years, waiting to die. Those steps. Aurangzeb d. Jan 25 Rosie went to the Taj Mahal to visit her parents’ grave. Took darshan.


Now he was waiting for Siva to appear. In fact, he was not thinking about how to humiliate this seam and how to kill him in the end. Isn’t this true of many myths and entries in his own diary?


Shivaji Raje and Emperor Aurangzeb are two very different personalities.


Aurangzeb was constantly aware of the news of Maharaj’s travels, how Shivaji Raje was approaching him! This year, his fiftieth birthday was to be celebrated at the royal court of Diwane Aam in Agra. He wanted Shivaji Raje to be present in the same court. He wanted to show the people how Siva Marhatta bows politely in front of thousands of courtiers, and also to show the maharaja the brilliance of the Mughal Empire. Moment by moment that moment was approaching. The Maharaja had crossed the river Chambal. Maharaj reached this place on Narwar. On May 9, 1666. On May 12, 1666 was the fiftieth anniversary of the emperor.


The emperor had entrusted all the arrangements of Shivaji Raja to Kunwar Ramsingh as the liaison mediator. He was assisted by a chief named Mukhliskhan. Everyone was eager to see Shivaji Raja’s visit to Agra. But some royal relatives did not like it at all. Aurangzeb’s sister Jahanara Begum was furious. She had often tried to dissuade her brother, the emperor, from doing so. But Aurangzeb never listened to her advice. Because he wanted to see Shivaji Raja’s head bowed before the throne. I wanted to see the broken head after the meal. Shivaji Raje and Aurangzeb were two huge ambitions. This is what happened in the case of Agra. In his book Around Bombay, etc. In 1885, Douglas wrote that Walter Scott was needed to describe the Agra case.

… respectively.

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